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Architectural and Landscape Art
Wrapping cloth for jewellery or chocolate
The Hillo Ship

The Hillo Ship

Landscape architecture : vertical gardens
Lettering and typography

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NEW FACES Hybrid 1

NEW FACES Hybrid 1

Introduction :

Most of these drawings were made using ballpoint pens on paper. Most of these drawings have a "holographic" effect when you move them, yourself or the light source around.

NEW FACES Hybrid 2

NEW FACES Hybrid 2

You can enjoy this optical illusion thanks to the slideshows that I have included for some of the drawings.

Please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email to info[at]paulk[dot]be if you have any questions.

The Hillo Ship Pop

Music and Improvisation

To illustrate my passion for music, I have also included just one composition of mine for soprano voice and piano four-hands, based on a poem I wrote called "The Mourning of Lives" (see under "Technique and Composition").

My music website http://www.paulk.be/

Visual effects : hidden letters and shapes come out unexpectedly !

The Greeting Card : Space in Sound

The Furoshiki Design Project :

Design for Japanese furoshiki textile : NEW FACES Classy Blue

The Furoshiki Project : NEW FACES Furoshiki Classy Blue

We have been developing new motifs for making Japanese wrapping textiles called furoshikis. A furoshiki is a square piece of cloth, usually made of chirimen silk or cotton. Furoshikis come in different standard sizes, but we chose 75cm x 75cm.

NEW FACES Furoshiki - 紅葉 (Momiji)

NEW FACES Furoshiki - 紅葉 (Momiji)

The NEW FACES motif, consisting of organically shaped squares, has been adapted to the Japanese furoshiki. What you are seeing here are the first of a series of original furoshiki designs made with the unique ballpoint pen design technique featured on this website.

New furoshiki prototypes will be exhibited soon in Brussels.

Design for Japanese furoshiki textile : NEW FACES Black

The Furoshiki Project : NEW FACES Furoshiki Black

All the drawings in the archives :

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